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When Life Gets Messy :: Vol. 2 :: Where is my Joy?

Are you just not happy? Have you lost your joy in life? I am faced with a tough road. When I was new to this new season of life, I lost my joy. I began searching until I found a new perspective. I hope to feed your soul today with my journey. ❤️

Kitchen Crafting :: Trash Pumpkin Planter

Creating a welcoming fall planter out of trash and household items. From learning to play an instrument to how to how to code a website, The internet is full of information on almost anything one could want to know. I often search the web for ideas when I want to create something. This autumn, IContinue reading “Kitchen Crafting :: Trash Pumpkin Planter”

Kitchen Crafting :: Witch’s Cauldron Outdoor Halloween Decor

I got witchy this Halloween creating a magical outdoor decoration to spook the trick or treaters. Man, this project was out of my comfort zone and so much fun!

Kitchen Crafting :: Thrifty Halloween Candy Bucket Home Decor

Repurposed Halloween decorations, creating candy from paper maché, and additions from the dollar store turned into a fun creative piece of home decor.