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About Me

Hi, I’m Karen!

I am a grandma taught baker and a self taught decorator with formal training in illustration and drawing. I love to share what I have learned and engage with others that love to bake, sell their products, and just find the decorating process satisfying.

I work professionally full time as a Transaction Manager, but have always made additional income doing creative odd jobs. I have done mural painting, canvas painting, interior painting, interior design, photography, web design, print design, logo design, you name it, I’ve probably done it.

Crafting wise, I wear a lot of hats. I have done drawing, sewing, canvas art, sculpture, floral arranging, paper maché, jewelry, pottery, crochet, metal working, wood working, soap making, scrapbooking, and upholstery. In short, I am a “creative.”

In June of 2019, I was officially diagnosed with a rare nervous disorder called Trigeminal Neuralgia. I was directed to take stuff off my plate.

I came to the realization, I was starving myself. I was too busy working for others that I neglected my needs and the priority to rest, while still feeding my creative soul. During this new normal, I have transited online to provide knowledge and encouragement for you creatives out there, people like me, who forget to feed themselves.

I empower people everywhere with creativity and inspiration. I want to encourage you to use your God blessed talent. If it’s just to find joy in your creative hobby or build a business from your creativity, I want you to walk in the destiny you have been called to. I want you to realize you are special, your gifts are rare, and warn you of starving yourself– spiritually, emotionally, physically, or otherwise.

I live in Indiana with my husband Greg, son CJ (aka Moochie) and our 3 fur kids Sophie (aka Mo D), Geno (aka Beana) and Gato (aka Tito).

I hope that my journey with this odd disorder and love for all things creative will inspire you to feed yourself.

Much Love,

Karen Signature
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