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Scrap Wood Fall Sign

Easy DIY Fall Project From Scrap Wood

Our arbor on the back deck needed to be replaced. When my husband cut ends off of the beams, inspiration hit. I saw the scraps lying around and took them for a project.

No cutting or sanding for me. Nope, I repurposed the scraps that would end up in the trash, into an inviting piece of home decor.

Take a peek at the project process

I saw the wood ends lying around, so I took them inside and arranged them in an eye please layout. I sent my son out on a scavenger hunt for twigs that had fallen in the yard. Then, I grabbed the drill and got to work.

Supplies and power tools

I matched up the drill bits to the size of twigs I had obtained.

Matching drill bits with the size of twigs

Time to use power tools!!!!! I notched the wood with a screw driver to mark the spot I wanted the twig. This also helps the drill bit not to skip out of place while boaring into the wood.

Drilling holes into wood blocks

After the holes were added, I made sure the twigs were a snug fit and broke them in an appropriate length to stick into the holes. I now had blocks with stems.

Twigs is wood blocks for pumpkin stems

After, it was time for paint. I painted pumpkin orange and added yellow highlights and brown shadows.

Painting base  wood blocks to look like pumpkins

Base paint dried, I hand painted brown letters on each block spelling out “Fall” when assembled.

Painting lettering on wood blocks

Next step was to assemble. I used standard wood glue and clamped tight for good contact.

Gluing wood blocks together

When totally dry, it was time for adding a touch of embellishments with hot glue —just a couple silk leaves for a simple effect.

Gluing silk leaves on sign

Here is the final project all complete. A cute, festive fall sign for my home that cost me $0.00

Finished wood sign

I hope you enjoy this simple project and use this idea to branch off to make something of your own!

Did you like this project? Did it give you an idea of your own?

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Published by Karen Piehl

I am a wife, mother, friend, artist, baker, decorator, risk taker, mess maker, coffee lover, quirky, creative, and a wonderfully made child of God. I wear a lot of hats in the creative world, but my love and passion is baking and decorating cookies & cakes.

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