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Frankenstein Candy Corn Sugar Cookies

Unconventional candy corn sugar cookies for a spooky Halloween party

I haven’t been decorating cookies much lately to take time to rest, but when I stumbled upon a Pinterest post I had to give it a try.

Watch the making of Franken-corn sugar cookies

In 2017, The Sprinkle Factory created some fun unconventionally decorated sugar cookies for Halloween. I fell in love with the simplistic design and color palette. I can’t take credit for the design; however, I got the creative urge to get out my mixer and give it a whirl.

Your favorite sugar cookie recipe

Stand mixer

Rolling Pin with thickness guides

Baking sheets

Cooling racks

Flat Spatula

Candy Corn Cookie Cutter

Favorite Royal Icing Recipe

Lemon yellow food coloring

Leaf green food coloring

Fuchsia food coloring

Coal Black food coloring

Rubber spatulas

5 Piping bags

Piping bag ties or twist bag ties

Cookie Scribe

2 Icing Coupler

2 #2 Icing Tips

Paper Towels

Make your favorite sugar cookie recipe.

Mixing sugar cookie dough

Roll out the dough 5/8” thick using rolling pin guides.

Rolling out sugar cookie dough

Cut out candy corn shapes

Cutting candy corn shapes

Place cut outs on baking sheet

Placing cookies on baking sheet

Bake according to the recipe directions.

Baking sugar cookies

Remove from baking sheet and allowing to cool throughly on cooling rack.

Placing cookies on cooling rack

While cookies are cooling, make 20 second royal icing (piping detail consistency)

Remove about 1/2 C of each into 2 bowls

Bowl #1 – Mix coal black and load into piping bag with coupler and #2 tip

Bowl #2 – Mix neon green with 1 drop lemon yellow and a very small tap of leaf green. (If your color isn’t as green as you would like, keep adding a tap of green until you reach the proper hue) Load into piping bag with coupler and #2 icing tip.

With the remaining royal icing in the mixer, Add more water (tsp. at a time) to make 10 sec icing (Flooding consistency)

Separate 3/4 C white icing into a piping bag. Remaining icing into 3 bowls – equal amounts

White royal icing

Mix bowl #1 neon green using 3 drops lemon yellow and 1 drop leaf green

Neon green royal icing

Load into piping bag and secure shut

Mix bowl #2 electric purple

Electric purple royal icing

Load into piping bag and secure shut

Mix bowl #3 coal black

Load into piping bag and secure shut

Cut off a very small amount at the end of each piping bag.

Load icing in piping bags

On cool cookies, flood all the bottoms in a color block of black or electric purple- use a cookie scribe to help move the icing around. Allow to crust over – about 10 mins

Flooding bottom color

Next, flood the middle block neon green – allow to crust over – about 10 mins

Flooding middle color
Close up of middle flooded

Last, flood the tops – black bottoms flood white tops – electric purple bottoms flood black tops

Flooding top color

Allow cookies to set up overnight or use a dehydrator for faster drying time.

Once the cookies have all been flooded and dry use the 20 second icing to pipe details.

Use neon green and black to one between the color blocks.

Use black to add stitches and “x”’s

Piping black details
Finished cookie after details added

Allow details to throughly dry another 8 hours before stacking or packaging

Franken-corn Halloween sugar cookie

Need a good no spread sugar cookies recipe? Try this one: Vanilla 2.0 by Lilaloa

Royal icing recipes? No problem! Try this: Royal Icing Recipe with Meringue Powder by Lilaloa

To get proper consistency icing for your project, use a knife to draw a line in your icing after it is mixed. Count how many seconds it takes for the line to disappear. My suggestion calls for a 20 sec (details) and a 10 sec (flood) consistency. If the icing is to stiff add water (tsp. at a time) to thin it to the proper flow.

See my video at the top for help.

Make some spooky treats for you Halloween party! Get creative and change the colors or even make standard color candy corn.

Have fun and don’t forget to feed yourself!

Much Love,

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Published by Karen Piehl

I am a wife, mother, friend, artist, baker, decorator, risk taker, mess maker, coffee lover, quirky, creative, and a wonderfully made child of God. I wear a lot of hats in the creative world, but my love and passion is baking and decorating cookies & cakes.

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