Live Bait Dessert

The traditional dirt pudding recipe with creative flare. EASY, creative, fun dessert with my spin for a fish fry.

The weather has snapped from mid 80° days to lows in the 50°s. Trying to manage with the cold temps, my TN2 is not happy. My face is feeling more painful, leaving me not wanting to do much but hide in my bed, wrapped in a blanket cacoon with a heating pad on my face.

I am so blessed to live in a neighborhood where my neighbors are some of my best friends. We hang out together on weekends, have parties, play games, and share lots of laughs. A couple holds an annual fish fry in the fall, and I want to pitch in like everyone else. I really haven’t felt up to making cookies lately. Last year for the fish fry, I made custom cookies including a fishing vest, bobbers, fish tails and a custom sign.

Docktor’s fish fry cookies

I began thinking of buying a store bought dessert and just getting by, but that’s not my creative soul. I pondered, “What goes with fish?” Fishing poles, lures, water, scales, boats….worms!!! Yes, worms!!!

Since it’s nearing Halloween and everyone knows I’m quirky, I put a spin on a simple dish that tastes great and is always a hit with adults and kids alike. I made dirt pudding, but customized it for this specific event.

Live Bait Dessert Picture


Electric Mixer

3 mixing bowls

Serving Dish (It can be whatever serving dish you want you final product to be displayed. I used a triffel bowl for added affect, so you could see ‘the bait’)

Rubber spatulas

Rolling pin or meat mallet

Card Stock

A computer printer

Click Here to download my Live Bait Sign and print it out

Sign stick – You can use a dowel rod, drinking straw, or paint stirrer, think of something you have handy



1 Large Box (5.7 oz.) Instant Chocolate Pudding

1 Large Box (5.7 oz.) Instant Vanilla Pudding

6 C Milk (3 C for each pudding mix)

8 oz. Cream Cheese

1 C Powdered Sugar

2 C Whipped Topping

1 Family Size Pkg. Chocolate Sandwich Cookies

1 Bag of Gummy Worms

Picture of ingredients for Dirt Pudding


You will prepare your pudding in two separate bowls by following the directions on your pudding boxes

Let’s start with the vanilla pudding

Pour the milk into the mixing bowl and add the vanilla pudding mix

Beat the pudding mix and milk mixture (about 2 minutes)

In a separate bowl, repeat the process for the chocolate pudding

Let the pudding rest in the refrigerator while preparing the cookies (5 or more minutes)

Put the chocolate sandwich cookies in a gallon ziplock bag and take out your frustration. Beat the cookies with a rolling pin or meat mallet until you have crushed them all to a pulp. It should look like a bag of dirt.

In another bowl, combine the cream cheese and powdered sugar until smooth and no lumps

Once pudding has set, remove from the fridge, and mix in 1/2 of the cream cheese mixture into each pudding flavor

Now fold in 1 C whipped topping into each pudding mixture

Mixing chocolate pudding

Place some vanilla pudding concoction in your serving dish

Smooth out the vanilla pudding to cover the entire bottom of your serving dish

Add some chocolate pudding mixture on top of the vanilla

Smooth out the chocolate pudding over the vanilla pudding, being careful not to mix it together. You want a layered look.

Add a few gummy worms against the edges of the bowl so they look like they are crawling in the dirt

Spoon in some crushed cookies over the chocolate pudding to cover the entire layer. Again, just lightly move them around careful not to mix it with the pudding.

Continue this process until you have reached the desired fullness.

Complete the top of the dessert with remaining crushed cookies

Stick a few more gummy worms on in top with one end stuck in the final crushed cookie layer

Close up of crushed cookie top and gummy worms

Now add your sign!

Wa-lah! A quirky dessert made just for a fish fry!


Try using this for any fishing theme party- maybe a over the hill, a special fisherman’s birthday, change it up the traditional way for a creepy Halloween extravaganza.

Serve this dessert in small mason jars or clear cocktail cups for individual servings.

You could even put it in a plastic pale with a shovel or galvanized bucket and paint “Live Bait” on the side.

Don’t forget to have fun and feed yourself!

Much love,

Let me know what you think. Have you made the recipe? Do you have a different one? Share with me below.👇🏻👇🏻👇🏻

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