Halloween Mummy -Front Door Decoration

Turn any door into a spooky friend this Halloween. Great to greet trick-or-treaters, party guests needing to find the little mummy’s room, or even work place shenanigans.

I tend to see the world differently than most people. Almost every second of every day I think, “What can I make now?” Inspiration comes from everywhere.

I wanted to decorate my door this Halloween, but I wanted something different from the usual hand made wreath I always put up for fall. I remember in grade school teachers wrapping doors and bulletin boards as presents. They would adorn their doors in bright, happy seasonal wrapping paper finished off with wide sparkly ribbon and a giant bow beckoning children in to unwrap the gift of knowledge. In fact, people have been turning doors into works of art for decades.

I’m a Pinterest lover! I look there to get inspiration from creative people A LOT. Sometimes, I just HAVE to make what I have seen on Pinterest.

Reading other’s blogs you find out what they did and sometimes they share what they did wrong. That’s a beautiful thing–to share mistakes so others can learn and be more successful in their attempts.

Mummy Door Close Up

When I stumbled upon this cute mummy door idea, I knew I wanted to make it. It’s an inexpensive, simplistic craft that my son could help with. To me, I enjoy involving him in projects, not only to teach, but to leave my creative legacy to live on in him.

If you’re looking for a beginner level project with a big impact, try making this delightfully fun portal to your home.

Supplies wording

This door decor cost me about $5.00 I found these supplies for CHEAP at the dollar store, dollar bin at Target, and at Wal-Mart.

Close up of eyes and tape

1 pkg. 6″ Googly Eyes

2 rolls white party streamers (more rolls are necessary if you want to completely cover the door)

Masking Tape


Directions picture

Fair warning-

The back of your door won’t be pretty. If you have OCD you may figure out a better way to make the ends and tape look tidy.

This project is super simple but don’t underestimate the time it takes. Once you get in a rhythm you’ll be good, so unpack your patience and let the fun begin.

I ripped off a bunch of tape pieces about an inch long and stuck their edges to my interior door trim. This just saved some time when I needed the tape.

Open your door.

Stick the googly eyes on the door approx 2 ft. from the top.

Take 1 roll of white streamer paper add a piece of tape to the starting end. Stick it to the left side (hinge side) of the door making sure it reaches around to the back. Press firmly to secure the tape to the back of the door.

Streamers taped to the back of door
The streamers are individually taped to the back of the door.

Then, unravel the streamer roll over the outside of the door (or the side you want the mummy face on) to meet the door lock side and around to the back of the door. Pull gently to stretch the streamer taught. Rip the streamer, add a piece of tape, and firmly stick to the back of the door.

Beginning of the Mummy Door
Everyone say HI! to Sophie who was curiously watching me.

Continue this process back and forth until you finish all your rolls or door is totally covered. (I only did the top half.)

Make sure you continue reading my tips below.

If you don’t have a black door like me, cover it in a black plastic table cloth, fabric, or whatever you have lying around.


Use Blue Tack and cover your door with black poster board. If you have a dollar store, I recommend buying the poster board there to be thrifty.

Who says your background HAS to be black? Use neon colors and put a black light in your porch light!!! Make your whole door glow!

I found googly eyes on Amazon, Target, Wal-Mart, Michael’s, and Hobby Lobby. Prices vary depending on the store.

Instead of googly eyes you can use white poster board and a black marker. Choose a salad bowl or salad plate. Trace 2 circles on the poster board using your bowl and cut them out. Draw smaller circles inside your white cut outs for the pupils and color them in. Get creative and make your eyes scary and cat like or even bloodshot for a creepy effect.

You cannot just wrap the streamer around the whole door because the side with the hinges is too close to the door jam to squeeze the roll through. That’s why patience is needed.

Allow some strips to cross over the tops and bottoms of the eyes. Since a mummy is haphazardly wrapped, alternate streamer strips horizontally and diagonally for best effect.

Close up of streamers criss crossing

When putting on the streamer strips pull firmly AND gently making each strip taught. If you don’t, you’ll wake up the next day to a droopy mummy.

Enjoy the journey not just the end result.

Have fun, feed yourself!

Karen Signature

Suggestions? Creative additions? Questions? I’d love to hear from you. Leave me some feedback below. 👇🏻👇🏻👇🏻


Like to shop online? Get the supplies on Amazon below (but it’s not as cheap as the dollar store):

Darice 6″ Wiggly Eyes

4 rolls Solid White Crepe Paper Streamers

Scotch 3/4″ Masking Tape Roll

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